Brad & Johanna Marr

Brad and Johanna Marr have been married for 16 years and have been business partners for 6 years. Brad has worked at some of the best restaurants in Omaha including V. Mertz and most recently as the General Manager of Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops. In 2013, Brad was voted the Restaurateur of the Year by the Omaha Restaurant Association. He also has passed the Certified Sommelier examination. Johanna started her restaurant career in her home state of Washington at 15 and has never left. She is proud to call Nebraska her current home and most recently held a 10 year manager position at M’s Pub. She also passed her Certified Sommelier exam along with Brad.

Chef Jacob Moeller

Growing up in Lincoln, NE, Jacob started working in kitchens while in high school. After graduating, he decided to attend culinary school. With a growing passion for cooking, Jacob continued to work for a couple more years before enrolling at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY. This is where he obtained a great base of knowledge and learned useful techniques.

Upon graduating from culinary school, he moved back to Lincoln, but felt the need to gain more experience and knowledge in larger market. So he headed to Kansas City MO to work at the American Restaurant. It was there that he was able to learn valuable skills in butchering, sauce making, and more classical French techniques. After some time at the American Restaurant, Jacob chose to leave and take a sous chef position at the newly renovated Elms Hotel and Spa, in the Kansas City area. Jacob then came to a crossroads in his career, and felt he was missing the passion that he had when he first started working in kitchens. It was then he was contacted about a position by a friend and colleague who would be taking over as the Chef of Bluestem, a James Beard Award winning restaurant. Jacob was happy to say yes, and knew that he was going to be a part of a special restaurant. He quickly move up the ranks in the kitchen and was given the chance to become the sous chef. As more time passed, Jacob felt a growing need to embark on a new and meaningful project, and further make a name for himself.

Moving back to Nebraska was something that he had always thought about, as this is his home and holds an incredibly special place in his heart. After being presented with an excellent opportunity, he made the decision to join the staff at Lot 2. Excited to bring the skills and knowledge he’s picked up over the years, Jacob looks forward to the adventures in the future.

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